Monday, October 25, 2010

Awesome Oats *gasp SO good* and Naughty Mommy

OMG, so I was reading this article on the benefits of coconut oil the other day and decided to make some small change in my diet. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE coconut oil, love it's wonderful many uses and benefits.. and have read a lot on the subject before. I use coconut religiously (and solely, I might add) as a facial moisturizer, makeup remover etc. and use it on all of the rest of me for a moisturizer too!

I also cook with it, though not really that often - more for the fact that I can use EVOO or safflower to cook and can't use those on my face lol! So, because I literally can't afford to and AND wear coconut, I choose to wear it ;)

BUT. There are health benefits to consuming coconut oil that I really hadn't ever thought too much about or had considered applying.  I have changed my mind. The first way I thought to have it was with my oats in the mornings. I almost 100% of the time have steel cut oats for breakfast, usually just thinning it down with a little water, and having cinnamon on... sometimes a ripe banana mashed in is really good - when I have bananas.  I thought to myself, well, why not just 'mash' some coconut oil into the oats instead? Prolly won't affect the flavor too much and is an easy way to get in my oil.  

(Note: I've tried smoothie-ing my coconut oil and, uh, because it hardens at like, 70? degrees, it just solidified as soon as I threw it in the blender and then flew around my smoothie in chunks. Wasn't that great. lol)

SO, I added the oil - just a tsp to start, since I'd read if you don't consume c.oil regularly to start small.  Had me some warmed up oats, with a bit of stevia and cinnamon... O.M.G. the best bowl of oats I EVER HAD.  There actually was a faint coconut-y flavor  AND it was a bit sweet too! I am in love with coconut oil-oats. I dont' ever want to eat them any other way! AND what a health benefit too! Check out the article by NaturalNews here! And there are a few other awesome articles too, on NN, as well as probabyl thousands on the web - look it up!

For reference, try these sites for some good (diverse!) info also!
Just to list a few.  Yes, I believe in coconut oil. ;)

Y.U.M.M.Y!! If you've never used or tried coconut oil, oh you have got to get some!!!


OK, so for some cuteness..

 (The Beebits being dramatic, lol, censored version cause he wasn't wearin' any underpants!!)

Cute #1
OH and our cat, Thalia, made a surprise appearance today - hiding in the bed, under the covers! This is according to the Beebits, of course... He said she was there, a 'kitten' under the blanket.. I said "Your kitten?" He says "NO. Tha-ya kitten"...then he sticks his head under the blanket and calls "Tha-ya ... Are you...??"  So dang cute!  (P.s. Thalia's our cat, who - due to a no pet policy at our apt - lives with Meema and Beepa.  Hm. I wonder if they know she's missing? Lol...)

Apparently I was naughty today?  Lil man, grabbed an emery board (from where? lol), came and 'swatted' me with it... I said "Was Mommy naughty?" He walks away, turns around and says - with a very stern face - "Mommy naughty!" Then he comes and grabs me by the leg, and drags me to the cough saying "Two minutes, Mommy, two minutes..." That's for time-out (or 'quiet time' in our house).  Well. I don't even know what I did! Lol.. I did ask him to sit with me though, and he did :)

Later we sat on the kitchen floor banging awy on some metal bowls and tupperware with bamboo straws, listening to how the different bowls made different sound when we drum on them :)

Such a Happy Mommy, what a smart sweet cute lil man!  And he's mine! Yay!

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Veg-a-Nut said...

Love the coconut tips and recipe, but most of all I love the cuteness of the most amazing grandson in the world!! You are such a wonderful mommy!!! YOU make this meema so proud!