Thursday, September 30, 2010

Junior-ism's: Funny things he says and does...

Short but sweet updates on my lil man, vegan-related or otherwise! You might laugh, be warned ;)

Him: "Fruit bar?"
Me: "We don't have any honey, mommy's sorry"
Him: "Fruit bar?"
Me: "No, sweetie, you can't have one, we don't have any, I'm sorry."
Him: "Buy some?"
*He gets a wooden spoon, pats me on the hip with it (swat) and grabs me by the leg, drags me toward the living room*.
He says:  "Two Minutes mommy."
(D'oh! Two minutes is how long he has time-outs for LOL!)
*I hear a suspicious 'liquid noise" and turn to see what he's doing.*
Jr stands at his little kitchen, peeing into one of his little 'kitchen' pots. He's so proud of himself for not peeing on the floor (couldn't make it to the toilet? No idea.)
Then I notice it's not a 'pan' he's peeing into. It's a colander. Pee all over the floor anyway! (I had to tell him I was proud of him for being resourceful and to please use the toilet next time lol!)
My little 'tech-baby':
Jr: "Meema?"
Me: "You want to call grandma?"
Jr: "Yes."
Me: "Okay, we'll call grandma..."
Jr: "Bluetooth?"
While having a conversation with lil man one morning, he suddenly stops me with a loud whisper "SHhhhhhhh! People sleepin!" D'oh! Each time I tried to ask about who these sleeping people were I got another "SHHH!" I'm sorry, apparently I was being loud enough to wake the neighbors? Ack!
I saw him one day looking at (sort of at, anyway) a blank wall and dangling a little necklace he has toward ..(nothing?) and saying "Get it... get it kitty... kitty... get it get it..." I laughed and asked him if he had a kitty? He said "Yes." So I said, "What color is your kitty?" He says, "Orange." Well, don't tell the landlord, we're not supposed to have cats!
I am talking to him one day, as he sat at his tray table eating lunch.. I was in the kitchen.. and he suddenly stops, looks to his right an points and says "Stop it." Then launched right back into his 'talk' with me... 'Someone/something' must have been bothering him? LOL! 

I am going to attempt to write these things down more frequently, cause I know if I don't I'll forget them!! I hope you enjoy reading about some of our daily fun :)  And YES, I'm going to get some more vegan-yummy posts up too - SOON!!!

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Veg-a-Nut said...

He cracks Meema up! I love my tech-grandson.. He is just precious. Please continue to share. :o)