Friday, August 13, 2010

Long time no Smoothie

Morning! SO, I was motivated this morning (so many morning i just don't feel it!) and made myself a smoothie for breakfast!  I so often make 'recipes' that I get from my mom, or look up 'what tastes good in a smoothie'... but today I made up my own :)

AND... it was so yummy I had to share! Yah so the picture looks like every other green smoothie, lol, but the ingredients may be different?  ;)  I hope you try this cause it's amazing!  Little man even had some and he loved it!  (Of course, he loves all green smoothies so that in itself isn't necessarily a 'recommendation' lol)

My smoothie:

1 1/2c water
60 grams organic baby  spinach
500 grams watermelon
200 grams cantaloupe (mine was in cubes, frozen)
96 grams frozen banana (shootin for around 100 grams)
2 scoops stevia (maybe 1/8 tsp, it's a tiny lil scoop!)

Put the water, spinach and stevia in the blender and blend until the spinach is liquified.  
(If you're new to green smoothie-ing, note: if you don't do the spinach first, it won't blend up entirely - or possibly at all! - and you'll have spinach bits,. which could be unappetizing in a smoothie....)

When the spinach is processed, add the watermelon, and then the frozen fruits one at a time until each is blended thoroughly. 

Drink! Enjoy!

P.s. My smoothie was quite sweet, so if you prefer it less sweet, or more the natural fruit sweetness, you may consider using only 1 scoop of stevia or none at all.  I didn't factor in how (awesome!) my watermelon was, and I think 1 scoop of stevia would have been plenty even for me, who likes the sweet!! Next time I'd definitely start with one and go from there.  Also, if your fruit isn't frozen, I think it'd still be super, it'd just be different :)  I don't know why, in my mind, 'smoothies' are cold, but obviously everyone may not agree lol

P.s.s. OH yeah, almost forgot, I have an every day run-of-the-mill blender... hence the ordered blending.  If I don't do it that way, it doesn't work... but IF you have a BlendTec or VitaMix, you could just dump everything in and blend and have the same result. :)  Oh, a girl can dream :) lol...

Hope to see you again soon!! I have to do some recipe updates and some lil man picture updates too!!  I owe you guys, I know! ;) Have a fabulous day!

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Veg-a-Nut said...

Yum! You are an amazing cook! Oh, and an amazing mommie too!