Saturday, May 15, 2010

And... Welcome back! Sort of ;)

Welcome to my adventure! Some of you may find that you recognize us, as I've blogged before... but this is a brand new effort - with a new blog, new title and new (I hope? lol) style too!

Let me introduce myself - I'm a Christ-follower, single mommy & vegan. In pretty much that order too lol... My DS is almost 2, and a vegan also (for my part). I'm hopeful that his dad adheres to the wonderful animal free lifestyle with him too but that's beyond my control really isn't it? I just pray about it and think the best ;) SO, for all intents and purposes, lil man is a vegan too and that's how I introduce him.

To sum me up for informational purposes...

I'm on a journey... to find more of God in this world and in my life, to seek Him out in everyday things, draw closer to Him and lean on Him for my (our) needs first. That's my #1 priority...

My second journey is in motherhood. All I ever wanted to be in life was a mommy... I got my wish almost 2 years ago (almost 3 including prego-time!) and couldn't be happier with my lil man. I want at least 3 more kids and look forward to the day when that's a reality. On a dady-to-day basis though, mothering is an adventure... and as the "terrible two's" comes upon us, I am even more joyful for every little victory at home - every smile - every new thing learned and every happy memory! It's a amazing ride and I don't regret one minute!

Lastly - because it's really the most recent - I'm on a journey as a vegan. I've been 'vegetarian' for a few years, but really went totally vegan in January 2010. So far it's been a pretty smooth transition... my biggest conflict (for lack of a better word) was actually just last week with a HOT pair of shoes that turned out to be leather... I walked around in them .. loved them and then put them back on the shelf. I found a not as cute but still very cute pair that were not leather and walked proudly out of the store feeling awesome about my steadfastnest. Lol... not to too t my own horn ya know, I'm just sharing some of the ups and downs ;)

I'm going to share this bit from another post I did in my old blog, because I want everyone to be able to read/see it... it sums up my thoughts and new beliefs as a vegan perfectly. It's from an article called The Fat Vegan by Dr. McDougall, and once I read it I was completely reaffirmed in my decision. I hope it speaks to you also!

Vegans Are Ripe For Change
Being vegan says to me this is a person with outstanding character. Vegans are self-sacrificing and committed to making a difference. When everyone else is certain that it is our God-given right to mistreat and kill cows, pigs, chickens, and fishes in order to be properly nourished; a vegan would rather risk protein and calcium deficiency than to harm these beautiful creatures. Of course, this deep sacrifice ends with the discovery that plants provide all needed proteins, amino acids, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals (including calcium) without the inherent risks of flesh and dairy. Vegans are self-confident. They remain steadfast even when mom, dad, dietitian, and doctor are visibly angered by their religion of “veganism.” Vegans are industrious. To avoid eating animals in a world where beef, chicken, and cheese are mixed in with everything in the market and on the menu is a daily struggle. Reading labels, turning down invitations to dinner, and occasionally, going hungry, require more effort than the average person is willing to muster.
Obviously vegans are exceptional people. With this one simple shift to a starch-based diet the word “vegan” will become synonymous with terms like healthy, trim, active, young, strong, and energetic, and finally the most important adjective, earth-changing.

I hope you'll come back again for another visit sometime - and if you have any ideas for a post or have questions, want to hear something in particular... just let me know! :) Thanks for visiting!


Veg-a-Nut said...

Love the new blog! Love your statement on Christ follower, motherhood, and vegan lifestyle. Great picture too! Can't wait to see more! Proud mamma that I am!

Vegan_Noodle said...

I love the new blog as well, Brandie! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. And yes, being the mother of a little boy is the most wonderful feeling. I thought I had wanted a girl, but I was so wrong! Would love to see some recent photos of you and your little man. And yay for becoming a vegan! Hope it's going well. Lots of hugs...